I'm Alexie. I live in California and I'm 16 years old. I like The Creatures, kpop, and video games. This is mostly just a creature blog though. I occasionally make crappy gifs.


↳ favourite friendship

Anyone with James tbh



When your friend gets caught during hide and seek



I love their relationship probably more than they love each other =w=


james + five night’s at freddy’s

Y’know, I never really liked Chuck E. Cheese anyway. 


Star Fox Ze and proud owner of a cute Butte!


[thank you to this babe, for making the freaking amazing graphic ♥ ]

woah woah lads and gents, since i passed 2k followers sometime last month and you guys are all rad as heck may i introduce my little special gift to you. please read and obey all rules, if not i can grantee you wont be a winner

*deadline is September 20th* tons of time to enter


  • first place will get a choice of 2 merch shirts
  • second place will get a choice of 1 merch shirt

more details bellow!!


  • you have to be following me (or my game grumps sideblog x ) yes i will check don’t be a wiener.
  • reblogs only. you can like, but it wont do you any good. also every reblog is one point, every point you have is added to the generator to pick the winners
  • no giveaway blogs. that’s cheating yo
  • hashtag as #give away. its to be courteous of others
  • no, it doesn’t matter where you live. as long as the company you choose from ships to you, than you are good to go
  • don’t worry about prices. we can talk later if you are a winner
  • must be comfortable with giving me your address
  • must have an open ask, if i have no way to tell you that you won, then you are no longer a winner


so i understand that a bunch of you guys are fans of more than one gamer, so i am willing to get you any gamer merch you would like

examples of gamer merch you can get (not limited to): Rooster Teeth, The Creatures, Game Grumps, Seananners, Cryaotic, VanossGaming, Markiplier

and here is some examples to make it even more clear:

if you win first price and would like a Rooster Teeth and Creatures shirt, than that is what you will get.

if you win second place and want a Game Grumps shirt, than that’s what you will get


  • it must be a gamer merch shirt. i mean come on, that’s what my blogs are about 
  • it has to be a shirt. no poster, plushes, DVDs, etc

so that’s about it guys! if you get confused or have some more questions, shoot me an ask here

ill prolly reblog this a few times for my followers but yeah, thank you guys so much! and good luck

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How I wake up every morning


ze vs the ice bucket challenge

alone at the office

Colors + Sound Foam

"Originally Alex was gonna do it… But he was a hour and half late, so we’re going ahead and YOLO this.”

"So, I wanna see right now Aleks’s floating head, take a drink from your drink.”




After being challenged by my brother, I participated in the challenge and donated to the ALS Association.

For more info about this awesome viral challenge and what you can do to help create a world without ALS: http://www.alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html

Furthermore, I challenge Jordan, James, Aleks to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

but im pregnant i cant do it with a baby :(